Giving Grace


Happy Easter everyone! As my present today, I received Grace: A Memoir and could not be more excited to start reading.  I first became familiar with American Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington through the documentary The September Issue.  I feel like after watching her in her creative element, I gained the utmost respect for her.  She views things in a way no one else can, and she presents herself as a raw being, which is hard in the fashion world.  And I mean, if she can impress Jimmy Fallon, she’s acceptable in my book.  I look forward to reading her book, for now, here’s a link to her Late Night interview.

Part 1, Part 2


Michelle Obama is Vogue


Vogue never fails at making history.  It was released today that Michelle Obama is on the April cover of Vogue, shot by Annie Leibovitz, and featuring none other than our president.  The interview was done during January, right after the president started his second term.  The story features stories about their personal life, the President singing the Black Eyed Peas, and Leibovitz ordering the couple around.  Don’t believe me?  Read about it here.