Blogging Burdens


I by no means consider myself a seasoned blogger.  I still find myself wanting to make my posts sound more natural, create more original content, and make a good ‘blogging impression.’  Beyond that, because my blog is so new, I like keeping separate social media and blogging lifestyles.  I love social media, and I don’t want that love to turn into a burden (is this turning into relationship advice?).  One day, I hope my blog has the ability to influence others, but for now I am okay with just getting used to the process.  That being said, this article provides me with comfort for keeping blogging and social media separate for now, but also makes me realize that one day I can manage the two (if I so choose).  Do you think it’s ever possible to stop thinking about social media?


Pin to Win

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 3.40.55 PM

Recently I went on an unintentional Pinterest hiatus.  For some reason, all the things that were popping up in my feed were either not relevant to me or just completely uninteresting.  When I decided to log back on, I found that reading through who I follow and really deciding whose posts I liked was a better way to gain quality content.  In order to fully utilize Pinterest, my goal is to now not only repin, but also add my own original posts.  For now, here is a list of some of my favorite people to follow on Pinterest:

1) P.S. – I made this…

2) The Coveteur

3) Free People

4) Lauren Santo Domingo

5) Joanna Hawley

And follow me here. Hits the Jackpot


WWD reported today that Conde Nast is putting $20 million worth of funding into  Self described as a “hub of a global fashion community that unites independent boutiques around the world with fashion lovers,” the marketplace is comprised of 250 shops in seventeen countries.  The website combines e-commerce and social media with a ‘People’ area where you can read about fashion and interact with others in the Far Fetch community.  Sounds like the perfect website for fashion and social media lovers like myself.  And under Conde Nast’s wing, I don’t see what could go wrong.


Be social with Free People


Free People was been going crazy with their digital marketing lately, first with their video Roshambo, and now with their new Social Community FP Me.  FP Me allows you to, “upload street style pics, curate collections, follow stylists, and heart it all.”  Hearts are way to like your favorite products on Free People so others can see.  The point of the community to share your creativity and connect with others.  You can see what outfits others are putting together and pull inspiration from created collections.  I think this is a great initiative for Free People because of their customers, but is this where other brands are going to take their social?

Thank you, Vine

At some point last week, a new addiction was introduced into my life.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has always been somewhat of a mystery to all of us on the “outside,” but once again, social media is giving us a further peek inside the fashion world.  The new video app, Vine, has provided me with a front row view at all my favorite shows. As some of Vine’s competitor’s glamour has faded after a month or so, my guess is with Twitter as it’s owner, Vine is here for the long run.  Thanks for keeping the fashion obsessed in touch, Vine. Here are some of my favorite people/posts on Vine so far….