Coast to Coast


As most people may not know, my heart belongs to three places: California, Texas, and New York.  Here’s a little bit of my history.  I was born in Orange County, California and almost all of my family lives or is from the west coast.  Although I only lived there for 6 years, the relaxed Californian lifestyle has always run through my veins.  I dip my vegetables in mayonnaise, I’ve been raised on In-N-Out, I want to be mermaid – you get the picture.  After coastal living, Texas became the core of my life as I went through grade school and now college in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Although I had a hard time adjusting at first, I soon fell in love with the cowboy culture, southern pride, and of course Texas cooking. Lastly, New York.  Ever since I first visited when I was 8 years old, I was hooked.  The crowded streets, bright lights, and diverse people all contribute to my fascination of the city.  And of course, as the center of fashion, I know that my interests would definitely be in the right place.  All of these places are so different, yet they all provide me with inspiration and insight into the world of fashion.  I follow a lot of blogs, and I’ve realized most of the people that write them come from these places.  Here is a list of my favorite bloggers out of California, Texas, and New York.


1) Cupcakes and Cashmere (Los Angeles)

2) Song of Style (Los Angeles)

3) Fashion Toast (Los Angeles)


1) The Glamourai (from Austin, now in Brooklyn)

2) Bag Snob (Dallas)

3) Kendra Scott (Austin)

New York:

1) The Man Repeller (New York City)

2) Atlantic-Pacific (formerly San Francisco, now New York City)

3) Sea of Shoes (New York City)

Which are your favorites?