Gatsby’s Back


The amount of excitement I have for the Great Gatsby is starting to get out of control.  With newly released trailers, still shots, and songs coming out what seems like everyday – I can’t keep up and it’s stressing me out, because I want to know everything.  I have to say, this movie has had so much buildup, and it’s somewhat surprising that everyone is just as excited as they were when the first trailer was released last year. The Great Gatsby official Warner Brothers website features a page with 8 videos, a gallery full of probably the most epic still shots I’ve every seen, a guide to style, an about the film summary, a soundtrack sampler page, an about the book page, and more. Seriously, there’s more than that.  This is the most packed website I’ve ever seen, and I have spent relentless hours on there reading and watching basically everything.  This movie is so well marketed, I can’t help but fall for all of their gimmicks.  The Great Gatsby partnerships include Brooks BrothersfogalMACMoet & ChandonThe Plaza, and Tiffany & Co.  Each sponsor is more enticing than the next, check out the links above.  On the fashion end, the 20s is so iconic, and from what I’ve seen, Daisy Buchanan is dressed in head to toe perfection. Here are a few of my favorite fashion still shots, and of course, the trailer we all love.